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“Not Your Muse” is a perfect match for brands ranging from art, to music, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, creative and so much more. The meaning behind the pseudonym “Not Your Muse” represents the idea that every woman should be her own muse and strive to be a creative force. The nameless artist believes that each woman is born to realize her own creativity and beauty rather than live to inspire someone else.


“Not Your Muse’s” powerful social media influence is compounded by her incredible artistic talent and impact on a wide range of followers. She has a positive message and image that is attractive to any brand she represents.  As a social media influencer, she has close to 75k followers on Instagram and 7k on twitter.  “Not Your Muse” has captured the attention of audiences in the art world as well as hip hop celebrities, EDM DJ’s, celebrities, professional athletes, models and additional admirers.


As an artist and social media influencer she commands a broad reach. Her endorsement is noticed by her followers who are engaged by her art, voice, talent, lifestyle, popular culture power and music industry ties. Her artwork can be found in galleries, auction houses, retail stores, nightclub walls, and high-end hotels amongst other locations. The artwork of “Not Your Muse” has been featured on television shows as well as in content on streaming platforms.


The meaning behind the “Not Your Muse”  pen-name is inspiring to women and encourages them to believe in themselves. The artist promotes individuality and original thought.   Her views and messages are illustrated in paint on canvas.  “Not Your Muse” is the ideal Brand Ambassador with an established dialogue with her fanbase that can benefit any brand.  This powerful relationship supports a product or brand’s personalized interaction with potential clients, awareness, and more visibility.   Not only will your product and brand be viewed by more potential customers, but it will be seen in a positive light.


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